Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ace - king

ace of hearts king of hearts

Some nicknames for an ace and king are big slick and santa barbara.

Royal flush

ace of diamonds king of diamonds queen of diamonds jack of diamonds 10 of diamonds

A royal flush is the highest hand. It is an ace-high straight flush.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Big blind

The big blind is the larger of two forced bets. It is double the small blind.

Small blind

The small blind is the smaller of two forced bets. It is half of the big blind.


To fold means to discard your hand and drop out of the pot.

Active player

An active player is a player that is still involved in the pot.


All-in means putting all of your money in the pot.


A backdoor is when you make a hand that you weren't trying to make.

Bad beat

A bad beat is when you have a very strong hand, but lose to a hand that wins as a result of a lucky draw by that opponent.


The blinds are a forced bet that a player must put in. The number of blinds is two; the small blind and big blind.


The board is the set of face-up community cards.


The buy-in is the amount of money required to enter a game or tournament.


A call means putting money in the pot equal to the previous opponent's bet or raise.

Post oak bluff

A post oak bluff is a very small bet in a large pot.


Outs are cards that can improve your hand and possibly make you a winner.


Heads-up means to play against a single opponent.


The river is the fifth community card. It is also called fifth street.

Fifth street

Fifth street is the fifth community card. It is also called the river.

Dead money

Dead money is money in the pot that is there from players who have already folded.

Crying call

A crying call is when a player calls with a hand that has only a small chance of winning.

Community cards

Community cards are the cards which are dealt face-up in the center of the table and shared by all players. In Texas hold'em there are five community cards.


A chip is a round token used to represent money. They come in various denominations.


To check means to bet nothing.


A blank is a card that is of no value to a player's hand.


A bet is generally used to mean the opening bet in any round.